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The Reef and Shark Collective provides insightful articles and resources on marine conservation. Our readers look to us for practical solutions to coral reef conservation, shark protection, and recommendations on eco-diving destinations or shark diving expeditions. We actively support budding marine biologists aspiring to careers in marine conservation.

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Coral Reef Restoration FAQs: Addressing the Most Pressing Concerns

Did you know that coral reefs contribute roughly $10 trillion a year to the global economy? From being spawning and nursery grounds for a vast …

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Human Impact on Coral Reefs: How Tourism Can Help or Harm

Introduction Coral reefs are one of the most important lifelines on planet Earth.  Although they are essential to a balanced ecosystem for the entirety of …

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Why Are Coral Reefs Dying – Causes and Impacts

Coral reefs, also called the rainforests of the sea, are unique underwater treasures. Occupying less than 1 percent of oceans, they are still home to …

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